Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mail Services part of the Post Office on campus?

No, although Mail Services works very closely with the MSU Post Office on campus. Mail Services offers bulk mailings, options for bulk mailings (i.e., volume bulk mail rates, tabbing, sorting by zip code, address printing from address files, etc.). Mail Services sorts postal mail picked up on the daily routes on campus, and delivers to the MSU Post Office on campus in the afternoon for outbound delivery.

How often is campus mail picked up/delivered during the day?

Departmental campus mail is picked up and delivered twice daily. In order to deliver campus mail in the afternoons, mail must be picked up during an a.m. route to allow for sorting by Campus Mail personnel before the afternoon mail run. The afternoon mail run must be completed by 3:00 pm to allow for postal mail to be sorted/processed and delivered to the MSU Post Office by 4:30 pm in order to go out that day. Due to variations in daily mail volume and/or staffing issues within Mail Services, only general times can be given to departments for their mail runs. Departments that require special handling due to high volume for a given day, should notify Mail Services in advance so that accommodations can be made on a case by case basis.

How long should it take for me to get my mail from another department on campus?

Mail that is picked up on the morning routes is sorted and delivered during the afternoon mail routes. Likewise, mail that is picked up in the afternoon routes is sorted and delivered during the next morning’s mail routes.

My office is in a different building from the main mail delivery location for my department. How do I get mail delivered to my location?

Your department/unit head may complete the Mail Services Account Information Form to set up a new mail stop for an alternate delivery location.

Does Campus Mail deliver to students in the dorms?

No. Deliveries made to students in dorms are done by UPS/FedEx delivery services. Mail Services does not handle these shipments.
Departments whose offices are located in dorms receive the same campus mail delivery services from Mail Services as other departments.

Does Campus Mail handle UPS packages?

Yes. Mail Services offers UPS package pickup or packages can be dropped off at the office for processing. Departments can establish a UPS CampusShip account by calling Mail Services. UPS CampusShip allows departments to utilize up to 19% off the retail rate.

How do I ship packages with UPS CampusShip?

Contact Mail Services to set up an account. A UserID/Password will be established for your department for department contact, address, billing information, etc. A shipment can be initiated online that establishes a package tracking number, destination address, and shipping label. Packages can easily be tracked using the package tracking number until receipt at destination. Mail Services receives the billing information from UPS for notification to departments for payment.
NOTE: When initiating a shipment, an estimated shipping weight is required. If you do not have a means to weigh the package, it is better to overestimate the weight by a small amount than underestimate the weight. UPS will correct the weight of a package and charge an automatic correction fee (currently set at $10) to your account. Packages brought to the Mail Services location for processing are weighed and an accurate weight is applied to the shipment.

Can off-campus locations establish a UPS CampusShip account to take advantage of the discount rates?

Yes. Call Mail Services to set up an account and obtain instructions.

Can freight be shipped through Mail Services?

Yes. Contact Mail Services to discuss specific details. They can recommend the best/least expensive way to ship freight and provide assistance.

Who can be called with complaints or concerns regarding campus mail/personnel?

Thom Gordon, Mail Services Coordinator (662) 325-3835
Barry Cummings, Mail Services Supervisor (662) 325-3835
Sam Manning, Assistant Property Officer (662) 325-8910
Sharon Hamlin, Property Officer (662) 325-2545

I work at an off-campus location. Can you explain why it takes so long for my location to receive mail from Campus?

Mail Services collects mail for off-campus locations for packaging and delivery once per week. Packages are sent in envelopes provided by the MSU Extension Service, so certain size restrictions apply. The delivery schedule is determined by MSUES Administration. If you have concerns about the frequency of mail delivery to your location, feel free to work this up your chain of command.

I work at a County Extension Office. Who should I call if my postage meter is not working properly?

Mail Services does not handle the postage meters at county offices. That is the responsibility of the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Call Bobby Collier, (662) 325-3745 for assistance with postage meters.

Can off-campus locations utilize the mailing options that Mail Services offers regarding volume bulk mail rates, tabbing, sorting by zip code, address printing from address files, etc.?

Absolutely – give Mail Services a call to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.

Contact Information

Location: 405 Garrard Road East
Starkville, MS 39759

Mail:Post Office Box 9600
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Campus Mail Stop: 9600
Phone: 662-325-3835
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Thomas Gordon
Mail Services Coordinator